Minimalist Game Day Eight

February 8th, 2018

More kitchen stuff: veggie peeler, cookbook, oil spray thing, deviled egg plate, assorted tops and bottoms of plastic storage containers. #minsgame

Minimalism Game Day Seven

February 7th, 2018

A bag of misc: two shirts, a pair of pjs, a bowl, toe socks, a plastic file folder and an old Camelbak bladder. #minsgame

Minimalist Game Day Six

February 6th, 2018

Sushi kit and some sushi rice, salt and pepper shakers, a jelly jar (homemade … it was delicious) and a small bowl. #minsgame

Minimalist Game Day Five

February 5th, 2018

More food from the kitchen cupboards.

Minimalist Game Day Four

February 4th, 2018

Still in the kitchen; tea, egg noodles, apple butter and Lara Bites (a treat which I try and try and try as I might but just don’t like. I like the protein bites I make much better). #minsgame

Minimalist Game Day Three

February 3rd, 2018

Three expired food items (and more to come in the upcoming days).

Minimalist Game Day Two

February 2nd, 2018

Two bowls

Minimalist Game: Day One

February 1st, 2018

It’s that time again. Each February I play the Minimalist Game, getting rid on one thing on the first of the month, two things on the second of the month, and so on. Happy to have you play along.

Just because something doesn’t add value to my life, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t add value to your life. I’m happy to have my stuff become YOUR stuff. Just comment or PM me.

If you were the kind person who brought this bottle to my place for some social occasion I appreciate your contribution. I just do not like Chardonnay. Any takers?

Class Twenty-one

October 31st, 2017

Prashant picked up on yesterday’s threads of the breath like a mother’s touch, the breath being like internal currency, the udyana work, and added silent vowels sounds to viloma (“a” as in father, “e” as in sweet, “oo” as in food).

Although there were no animal references that I remember today, he did use the word “unscrupulous” in a story about a business man. He seems to love language and words. His raps of instruction included a revolving door, often for prepositions. “The breath in you, the breath on you, with you, for you.” It’s fun to listen to. All he needs is a little melody and a bit of rhythm and he could be the next YouTube sensation.

Today’s sequence was identical to yesterday’s sequence except he insisted on supta virasana. To my knowledge he hasn’t been insistent on any one particular pose, often, especially during asana classes, giving lots of choices. But today he was insistent that we do and practice supta virasana. Yesterday he said to realize that the thigh bones were in a specific orientation and to the trunk and this had a specific affect to the internal organs. This is why supta virasana is given as a pose to do after a large meal.

There was more in today’s class but like melting ice cream on a hot day, the harder I try to capture it, the slipperier it gets. There was an analogy about the kind of wifi connection a hotel has when traveling and how it is analogous to how the breath connects to the body. There was a tidbit about both the abdomin and the head being the two places that had the most connections to the rest of the body. They are the best networkers.

I began the month struggling to just understand the words. It felt like I could catch very little, maybe 10%, of what Prashant speedily said in his accented English. Perhaps today his pace of speech was slower. Even so, I would say that what I catch is more like 80%. Understanding the meaning of his words will take much more study.

So happy to have had this experience. Glad to have taken classes here and to have some of the mystery about RIMYI unveiled. Delighted to have my bag packed and leaving Pune momentarily. On to Mumbai for a day. Then a flight back to US soil.

Class Twenty-two

October 30th, 2017

It was clear from the mat choice of the locals that we were doing pranayama today. Soft mats, bolsters and blankets were gathered. There were only about ten Western faces in the very large class this morning. Many people have departed already. We will go to our last class tomorrow and then head for Mumbai.

Prashant instructed “a supine pose” of our choice to start and we jumped right into to pranayama. There’s no settling time with Prashant except for the instruction to do so. He starts right in. In the early morning the cooking fires a block away fill the air with smoke and I find it hard to breath deeply in any smoky situation so I just hung in there until the air cleared.

During his lecture portion he talked about the breath being internal currency. Like a big bag of rupees is worthless to a monkey (this guy loves animals! I swear they come up in nearly every class) money is not worth anything to our internal selves. It can buy us (our external selves) everything from “essentials” to “luxuries” but when it comes to internal exploration, breath is the currency.

These experiments take place in the laboratory of the body. He talked about practicing to become proficient. Practice the same pose over and over, day after day, and once you know the pose, once proficient, then explore the pose. Study the breath. Experiment in the pose. Use the body as a laboratory. He maintained that Guruji didn’t practice until his death but was proficient in his poses decades before his death. He was experimenting/exploring in those poses until he died.

Like a mother’s touch to her newborn baby, the breath should be as gentle. As our external physical selves like and don’t like to be touched, find which part of the internal self does and does not like to be touched by the breath. Explore theses areas with a breath that is as gentle as that mother’s touch.

Again, after pranayama I feel like an unreliable witness. Prashant is fond of giving choices during class and today he suggested we could change our arm positions, include graphic breathing or directing the exhalation to come from the skull, thorastic region or chest cavity. During our supported savasana he also introduced doing viloma with silent sounds. For instance it might go something like this: inhale with a silent “Goo”, pause, inhale with a silent “guy”, pause, inhale with a silent “ghee”.

It was a lovely class and I am understanding more and more and more and more of his fast paced, accented yogic rap.

Here is the sequence for what it is worth (without the detail of what breathing patterns we did):

Supta baddhakonasana (supine pose of choice)

Supta Virasana

Supta baddhakonasana (supine pose of choice)

Sit on the bolster

Supported savasana

Sit on the bolster