Minimalist Game Day Eight

Pam/ February 8, 2018/ Minimalism

More kitchen stuff: veggie peeler, cookbook, oil spray thing, deviled egg plate, assorted tops and bottoms of plastic storage containers. #minsgame

Minimalist Game Day Six

Pam/ February 6, 2018/ Uncategorized

Sushi kit and some sushi rice, salt and pepper shakers, a jelly jar (homemade … it was delicious) and a small bowl. #minsgame

Minimalist Game Day Four

Pam/ February 4, 2018/ Uncategorized

Still in the kitchen; tea, egg noodles, apple butter and Lara Bites (a treat which I try and try and try as I might but just don’t like. I like the protein bites I make much better). #minsgame

Minimalist Game: Day One

Pam/ February 1, 2018/ Uncategorized

It’s that time again. Each February I play the Minimalist Game, getting rid on one thing on the first of the month, two things on the second of the month, and so on. Happy to have you play along. Just because something doesn’t add value to my life, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t add value to your life. I’m

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Class Twenty-one

Pam/ October 31, 2017/ India, Yoga

Prashant picked up on yesterday’s threads of the breath like a mother’s touch, the breath being like internal currency, the udyana work, and added silent vowels sounds to viloma (“a” as in father, “e” as in sweet, “oo” as in food). Although there were no animal references that I remember today, he did use the word “unscrupulous” in a story

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Class Twenty-two

Pam/ October 30, 2017/ India, Yoga

It was clear from the mat choice of the locals that we were doing pranayama today. Soft mats, bolsters and blankets were gathered. There were only about ten Western faces in the very large class this morning. Many people have departed already. We will go to our last class tomorrow and then head for Mumbai. Prashant instructed “a supine pose”

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