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To all the Honkers out there …

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Out running errands today I was honked at by some mad woman in an SUV. This wasn’t a little courtesy tap honk. This was a lay on the horn, honk your heart out wave your hands and yell honk. There was on coming traffic and I couldn’t move forward. She was behind me and couldn’t see the traffic … but obviously felt I should go forward. She had made a bad driving decision to pull out to the center lane on my tail when there was only room for one of us … me. I have come to realize that honking at me that way makes me not want to budge AT ALL. It may have relieved her frustration. All she did was delay me even more, infuriating herself even more. So, I found something out about myself today. I’m a spiteful driving when honked at.