Class Twenty-one

Prashant picked up on yesterday’s threads of the breath like a mother’s touch, the breath being like internal currency, the udyana work, and added silent vowels sounds to viloma (“a” as in father, “e” as in sweet, “oo” as in food).

Although there were no animal references that I remember today, he did use the word “unscrupulous” in a story about a business man. He seems to love language and words. His raps of instruction included a revolving door, often for prepositions. “The breath in you, the breath on you, with you, for you.” It’s fun to listen to. All he needs is a little melody and a bit of rhythm and he could be the next YouTube sensation.

Today’s sequence was identical to yesterday’s sequence except he insisted on supta virasana. To my knowledge he hasn’t been insistent on any one particular pose, often, especially during asana classes, giving lots of choices. But today he was insistent that we do and practice supta virasana. Yesterday he said to realize that the thigh bones were in a specific orientation and to the trunk and this had a specific affect to the internal organs. This is why supta virasana is given as a pose to do after a large meal.

There was more in today’s class but like melting ice cream on a hot day, the harder I try to capture it, the slipperier it gets. There was an analogy about the kind of wifi connection a hotel has when traveling and how it is analogous to how the breath connects to the body. There was a tidbit about both the abdomin and the head being the two places that had the most connections to the rest of the body. They are the best networkers.

I began the month struggling to just understand the words. It felt like I could catch very little, maybe 10%, of what Prashant speedily said in his accented English. Perhaps today his pace of speech was slower. Even so, I would say that what I catch is more like 80%. Understanding the meaning of his words will take much more study.

So happy to have had this experience. Glad to have taken classes here and to have some of the mystery about RIMYI unveiled. Delighted to have my bag packed and leaving Pune momentarily. On to Mumbai for a day. Then a flight back to US soil.

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