No Foolin’

Pam/ March 26, 2007/ Around Ann Arbor, Fun Stuff

The Ann Arbor Area Disc Indueced Sports Club (A3DISC) runs and April Fool’s Day tournament around this time of year. Sunday there was a full field (limited to 144 players). I was one of the nine amateur woman playing the tournament; four Am I (highest level) and five of us in the Am 2 division. I came in first in

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Measuring Progress

Pam/ March 22, 2007/ Yoga

The Advance Yoga Posse did backbends tonight. Slowly, we opened the chest, backbending over the chair using it for support and feedback. It’s a lovely counter action to the rounding of shoulders, a result of always having life in front of us. What I noticed tonight was the progress the posse has made. Backbends for adults do not come easy

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Fabulous Fiber

Pam/ March 19, 2007/ Cooking

As part of the wellness initiative at work we ran a NutriCare class. The class is designed to meet the needs of people trying to lose weight, change their cholesterol or blood pressure, or just eat better. Glaringly, I wasn’t getting the recommended number of grams of fiber each day so I’ve beefed up (figuratively) on fiber. Today I calculated

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Camp Fire Girl Vest

Pam/ March 18, 2007/ Random Thoughts

My post the other day about Girl Scout cookies reminded me about my Camp Fire Girls vest. I found it, along with some beads, badges, and a charm I earned long ago. I shot them in my light tent this weekend. One of the badges is specifically for selling candy. Not sure what the other badges or beads were for.

Even Dead Guys Have a MySpace Page

Pam/ March 15, 2007/ Random Thoughts

This week I was surprised to find the MySpace page of a young man I knew who died of his own hand on July of 2006. On the “In Memory of” My Space page, this guy (dead now over eight months) has a dozen friends, some of whom still leaving comments for him. In fact, he has over 50 comments.

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Cookie/Candy Karma

Pam/ March 14, 2007/ Random Thoughts

At $3.50 a box, Girl Scout cookies aren’t exactly a bargain. But then again, it’s really not about the cookies. Growing up, I was a Camp Fire Girl. It’s a similar organization to the Girl Scouts. Camp Fire Girls start as Bluebirds and then grow into Camp Fire Girls. We did projects and worked toward badges and beads. I remember

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Spring Has Sprung

Pam/ March 13, 2007/ Random Thoughts

The temperature reached the upper 60’s today in Ann Arbor and the shedding of winter can be seen, not only in the bare brown grass on the ground, but in the introduction of all things spring: teenage girls in tank tops and shorts, more people on bicycles, motorcycle riders and orange construction barrels. The thump, thump, thump of the neighborhood

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Pam/ March 12, 2007/ Photography

Being an avid photographer I participate in a group of (mostly Californian) photographers. Our only ‘requirement’ is to shoot the photo in the last week. Joining this group did a lot for me. First, it challenged me to take pictures every week. Previous to joining the group, I was shooting in batches; vacations, activities, outings. Now I’m shooting on a

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I’ve Gone Crossword Crazy

Pam/ March 12, 2007/ Fun Stuff, Random Thoughts

Served in a brew pub, three letters. Soccer legend, four letters. Cosmetics Company, five letters. Black and white twister, four letters. A few months ago I watched “Wordplay”, the documentary film about crossword puzzles and Will Shortz. It’s a great movie that, like the movie about spelling bees and Scrabble players, introduces you to some of the top world crossword

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Pam/ March 8, 2007/ Random Thoughts

I had a mammogram yesterday. The mobile Kamanos Mammogram Unit visits work every year. Malloy provides this valuable benefit to us and picks up the tab. It’s a great benefit on so many levels. It’s paid for, we’re still on the clock, it doesn’t eat into our preventative benefit and we skip the hassle of making an appointment and driving

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