Pam/ April 23, 2009/ Around Ann Arbor

As winter fades to spring the number of daylight hours increases and, although I have certainly noticed earlier sunrises and later sunsets I was surprised to see that the number of daylight hours is almost 14! Quantified like that I was somewhat surprised! Pleasantly surprised! Looking forward to a (predicted) 80 degree weekend.

Just Desserts

Pam/ April 15, 2009/ Around Ann Arbor, Cooking

The Ann Arbor Library does a terrific job at having programs. Tonight I went to the Multi-Purpose Room in the basement of the downtown library for Just Desserts with Chef Isabella Nicoletti. Chef Isabella cooks at Paesano’s on Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor. She is Italian and has been in the USA for about 14 years. When she came to

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Pam/ April 8, 2009/ Fun Stuff

I’m not sure who Clyde Moore is but I liked this quote. Made me smile this week after a snow storm Sunday night. “There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s.” ~Clyde Moore


Pam/ April 7, 2009/ Around Ann Arbor

After $40 million and almost three years the UMMA on State Street in Ann Arbor has re-opened. I can’t believe I haven’t been there in almost three years (I never got to the “UMMA Offsite”). The new building is open, beautiful and is, of course, full of beautiful works of art. I had no idea they had works by Picasso,

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JT Abernathy

Pam/ April 6, 2009/ Around Ann Arbor

JT Abernathy has a show at Clay Gallery on Main Street in Ann Arbor. He’s a long time Ann Arbor resident potter who has his own style. His show is quite nice and is full of new pieces even though he is limited by failing eyesight. He spoke for almost an hour Sunday, his first talk, in the Gallery surrounded

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