Luquillo, 2 October

Pam/ October 11, 2007/ Travel

While we waited for the rain to pass, we did laundry at the laundromat. The place is small, washers crammed in together quite tightly. We did two loads and the ladies in the place helped ‘direct traffic’ sort of keeping track of who came in when and what washers were soon to finish their loads. The wash and rain finished about the same time and we were on our way. Again, the friendliness of strangers helped us out. We didn’t feel like we were in the way or a nuisance to the ‘regulars’. It all sort of had a ‘it takes a village’ sort of feeling.

I got a snorkel set from the front desk and we headed toward the reef, just a few blocks down the beach. Once I got the hang of it, I loved it! I think I could snorkel every day. I saw neon blue/purple fish, black stripped fish, purple and yellow fish, and one fish that was black with neon purple and green dots! There were also a bunch of orange spiky things and other things growing on the reef – great look/weird growths. It was great.

Here’s a link to the pictures we took in Luquillo.

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