Luquillo, 1 October

Pam/ October 11, 2007/ Travel

Morning rain came through and we went to the Blue Flag Beach … and then more rain came through. We waited under cover and, when it quit, we went into the water. The water was quite calm, drastically different that the beach not a mile away in front of our hotel. It’s lined with palm trees, has fine sand, and has lifeguards on busy days. October 1 was not a busy day – there were only six other people in the water. I swam out to the buoys three times, which was a pretty long way for me. The water is easy to swim in. The salt water makes my body feel so light and the calm water is easy to swim through.

We’ve found people here to be friendly – not just the people in the tourism business – but everyone. A guy on the beach today just wandered up and tried to converse. We don’t speak Spanish and he didn’t speak much English … and what he did know was spoken with a very heavy accent. So, it was a short conversation.

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