Luquillo, 30 September

Pam/ October 11, 2007/ Travel

Without a hitch we left Old San Juan and headed east to Luquillo, a small town right on the ocean.

The Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn is right on the beach … just a small street between the building and the sand. Today, the waves were crashing on the shore and we went to ride the waves. I always forget how salty the sea water is. I’m such a land-locked gal. We’d had enough so we headed to the room and about 20 minutes later there was a thunderstorm! They just come out of nowhere, dump their rain, and then, poof, they are gone.

Dinner was at a new Mexican place, Sabor Mexicano. The portions were healthy and the waitress spoke very good English. I had Tres Leche for dessert. It translates to three milks but it’s really a ‘wet cake’. It was yummy.

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