Old San Juan, 29 September

Pam/ October 11, 2007/ Travel

After a continental breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the hat shop. Daniel had his eye on a white porkpie hat with a black band. He looks great in it and he wore it all day.

Fort San Cristobal was our next stop. Its a huge fort build in 1634 – or at least construction began in 1634. It was re-engineered in the 1779’s. It’s the biggest fort in the Americas built by Spain. The walls are over 150 feet tall and protected San Juan against land attacks. We liked San Cristobal a bit better than El Morro. I liked the displays of the flags, uniforms and swords … and I liked the fact that from each level there was a different view.

Dinner at the tapas place in the El Convento (a former convent, now a hotel and restaurant) was fabulous. The wait staff was wonderful, the atmosphere was so cool and the food was scrumptious.

Here’s the link to look at pictures of Old San Juan:http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8BcMWbNu2ZKR3o

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