Delhi to Pune

The flight form Delhi to Pune was easy. I’m impressed by the airline Indigo. The plane was newer and felt solid on takeoff and landing. Plus the marketing department has a sense of humor. The flight was full and I think we were the only non-Indians on the airplane.

The taxi took us to our flat and since we are a day early we met two guys staying here studying at the Institute for the month of September. One is a local and the other from Brazil. After a few hours there was a knock on the door and we met our third roommate, a woman from the U.K., Lally, pronounced like Sally.

Lorene and I walked around the neighborhood, stopping across the street to take a photo in front of the Institute. We found the grocery and restaurant the Brazilian recommended, had something to eat and picked up a few items at the grocery store.

The flat is 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms and a large living room with enough space to practice. Other yogis who have stayed here have left yoga stuff, three mats, a pile of blankets, one strap, three blocks. So, it will be easy to have a personal practice, which I did in the afternoon. There is no a/c and other creature comforts are non existent. The heat and hard surfaces will be challenging.

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