Forty-two pounds, 7,700 miles and almost 14 hours

After lots of preparation I got my suitcase packed with about half clothes and half “stuff” (lots of health stuff -anti malaria, anti diarrhea, antibiotics, soap, shampoo and a decent size jar of peanut butter to name a few) and it was under the 50 pound weight limit United has and under the 44 pound weight limit the Indian airlines have.

Although my flight was late leaving there was still time to make my connection in Newark. The Newark airport is not the Newark airport I remember from the 1980’s. Today it is glitzy and modern and has a metropolitan feel to it. I met Lorene, fellow yoga teacher and travel companion, at the gate, first part of the trip complete.

Looking at the flight time between Newark and New Delhi I had a hard time wrapping my brain around almost fourteen hours in an airplane. I watched a movie, ate the dinner and then swallowed two Advil PM caplet. Donning my neck brace scarf, eye mask, ear plugs and United provided blanket, I got about six fitful hours of sleep.

The Delhi Airport is modern and ornate. Immigration was smooth, baggage claim took some time, and on our way out we exchanged some American dollars for rupees. Our Gate 1 Travel representative was waiting for us and escorted us to a taxi. Upon arrival the pilot announced it was 86 degrees and the heat and humidity hit us as we exited the building at the stroke of midnight.

The Holiday In is also very modern and fancy. It feels like a combo of an American hotel and a European hotel. Sleek, clean, wood floors, glass top desk, mini frig and complimentary bottled water.

Tomorrow we fly to Varinasi, city on the Ganges.

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