Aga Khan Palace

Amin, auto rickshaw driver extraordinaire, took us to Aga Khan Palace today. Originally built in 1892 by Sultan Mahuammmed Shah Aga Khan III as an act of charity to help the poor in the area of Pune suffering from famine, the palace now holds the Gandhi Memorial and the organization that runs it.

Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba, and his secretary Mahadev Desai were all imprisoned in this Palace between August of 1942 thought May of 1944, following the launch of the “Quit India Now” movement. During that almost two year time period, both Kasturba and Desai died. Their “samadhis” are on the grounds as well as some of Mahatma’s ashes. In 2003 the Archaeological Survey of India declared the place a monument of national importance.

There was a group of kids all wearing red ball caps that said “Adventure” on them. There were several photographers and their pre-wedding parties there capturing shots under the arches and on the grounds. And then some smaller families. It wasn’t crowded and we could take our time and photos. And nobody asked us to take our photo. The building seems in good shape but the exhibits need some work. I appreciated that the explanations were in English (always a bonus).

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