Class Nineteen

Navaz is direct, caring, specific, clear, compassionate and gentle. Her delivery is slow enough that I can understand her words and the timber of her voice is deep. It was a powerfully inward going class, as only pranayama can be. It is hard to describe in words. There is a place where I get quiet, touch on my emotional self, and feel like I am grounded yet floating.

At the end of class, some of her words in savasana were comforting and calming. Something like “Allow the exhalation to start at your hairline and travel down your face, over the front of your body to your feet”. She said to breathe in the prana (life energy) from the cosmos, for there will come a time when there is no more breath. Inhale and be grateful for life, exhale and surrender inward.

The sequence went something like this:

Supported savasana doing ujjayi

Swastikasana doing viloma

Virasana doing digital

Savasana flat with weight on the roots of the thighs.

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