White Faces Among Brown Faces

We are an anomaly here and get looked at, especially when we are in public places where there are mostly local people. Yesterday Lorene and I visited Parvati Hill (next blog post) and were approached by two groups asking to have our photos taken with them.

One group consisted of seven or eight 18 year old girls who were shy about asking us. Once we had our photo taken we asked them their names and how old they were. They recited their names and, even though they sound so beautiful they are complicated and impossible for me to remember. The other group we had no conversation with except to agree to be photographed with them. There were maybe six or so of them, likely family members.

When the auto rickshaw driver stopped at the bottom of the hill he warned us that we might get asked to be photographed. He suggested it was okay to agree to have our photos taken with the young boys but not necessarily the older “crazy” ones.

These three girls were hanging out with who I assumed was their father who was reading the newspaper. They giggled and whole heartedly agreed to have their photo taken with me.

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