Victoria and Abdul

After a taking a walk and practicing yoga, Lorene and I decided to go to the movies. We looked up the theaters close to our flat and looked at what was playing. Thank you Google Maps and the internet for making this so easy. We found two theaters within walking distance and settled on seeing Victoria and Abdul.

At the box office, the ticket seller told us there were two ticket prices; 100 rupes and 200 rupes. The 200 rupe tickets were further from the screen and it turns out these assigned seats were cushy, soft, wide and reclining. It was more comfortable than being at home in my Lazy Boy and far more soft and cushy than anything I have been on in weeks.

Before the movie started the Indian flag came on the screen and the words “Please stand for the national anthem” flashed across the screen. About halfway through the movie stopped, lights went on and there was about a five minute intermission. Looked like just one of the 15-20 of us in the theater went to get popcorn.

It was a fun movie to see while *IN* India. The opening shot is of Abdul with the Taj Mahal in the back ground. Early in the movie he tells the Queen about the history of the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort which we just learned a few weeks ago from our Gate 1 Travel tour guide.

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